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Woodtech Barnjacket Barn Paint

Provides long-lasting protection from the elements

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Woodtech 'Barnjacket' Barn Paint is a water-based, high performance, opaque, flexible, acrylic wood stain, specifically designed for long lasting adhesion, to ensure outstanding ongoing protection from the elements.

Features and benefits:

High-build colour
Powerfully adhesive
Specially formulated to flex with the natural movement of the timber
Self priming and undercoating on most applications
Top quality woodstain resins will allow deep penetration into your surface
Being a flexible acrylic woodstain, your timber will be more resistant to flaking and peeling
Microporous to allow moisture to escape
Dense and opaque in colour, making it perfect for reapplying a fresh coat, changing colour and for application on weathered surfaces
Compatible with pressure treated timber
Perfect for use on a multitude of materials such as residential barns, stables, agricultural buildings, sheds, cladding, gates, fences, posts and garden furniture.

Available in the following colours:

Light Brown
Quartz Flint
Urban Grey
Brown Deep Mahogany
Antique Walnut (semi-opaque)
If you have any further questions on use, please do not hesitate to contact our Sales Team on 01536 267 107.

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