Crate of Kiln-Dried Mixed...

Crate of Kiln-Dried Mixed Hardwood Firewood

Price £238.09

Kiln dried to a moisture content below 20%, these logs offer a consistent high heat output due to lack of internal moisture. Consisting of mixed hardwood, these logs are widely regarded as the best kiln dried logs available. With a lower moisture content than alternative seasoned firewood, these kiln dried logs offer an exceptional heat and a long burn...



Price £250.00

For green wood to dry, it needs to be seasoned. To season green wood, it should be left outside and open to the elements so that there is adequate air flow to your wood, enhancing the drying process; our log stores have been developed with this is mind.

Wood Pellets Wood Pellets

Wood Pellets

Price £18.09

6mm Renewable biomass Softwood Wood Pellets These Softwood Wood Pellets are supplied in: Single Bag (Approx 15KG) 16 Bags (Approx 250KG) 33 Bags (Approx 500KG) 50 Bags (Approx 750KG) 66 Bags (Approx 1000KG)

Single Box of Ecofire... Single Box of Ecofire...

Single Box of Ecofire HotRods Hardwood Briquettes

Price £17.13

Ecofire Boxed HotRods are our premium mechanically pressed briquettes that are extremely dense and highly calorific, every part of the briquette and packaging can be utilised and burned! Available in convenient, easy-to-handle cardboard boxes. Free delivery is available on orders of £99 and over, this can be mixed and matched across our range.

Sacks Of Kameeldoring...

Sacks Of Kameeldoring Sun-Dried African Firewood

Price £18.49

Kameeldoring has the lowest moisture content of any of our firewood and possibly any firewood in the world. It is baked by the African sun to between a 1-2 % moisture content (compare this to air-dried woods at around 18-25% and kiln dried wood at around 8-12%). Kameeldoring, similar to our Sekelbos Firewood, has an ultra low moisture content due to the...