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Ecofire Superflare Premium...

Ecofire Superflare Premium Fuel Logs

Price £180.94

Our Ecofire Superflare Premium Fuel Logs are produced from a mixture of hardwood and softwood shavings and sawdust, no glues or binding agents are used during the manufacturing process. These fuel logs, also known as briquettes or heat logs, are a clean and cost-effective alternative to using seasoned and kiln dried firewood logs. FREE DELIVERY*

Ecofire HotRods

Ecofire HotRods

Price £4.24

Our Ecofire HotRod mechanically pressed briquettes are very dense and highly calorific. They are made almost exclusively from oak with a little larch mixed in to help with the natural binding process - no chemicals or other additives are used in this process. FREE DELIVERY*

Heatlogs Heatlogs


Price £4.75

Our Heatlogs are made from wood shavings and sawdust, providing a clean and fuel-efficient briquette. An alternative fuel to traditional firewood logs, these heatlogs, also known as 'fuel logs', are a carbon-neutral smokeless fuel. FREE DELIVERY*