Untreated Larch/Douglas Fir Field Gate

Untreated Larch/Douglas Fir Field Gate

Gate Width (mm)
Bottom Rail

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Our traditionally jointed and crafted gates are made in our own carpentry workshop using generations old, tried and tested techniques for that traditional look and most importantly to ensure a long life.

All gates are approximately 1200 mm high (top rail) as standard.

Dependant on which side you require your gate to be hung, we offer a right-handed or left-handed option.

We also offer both a standard size bottom rail or a 75x75mm reinforced bottom rail for additional strength should you require a gate for automation purposes.

By nature due to the high resin content and being the most hardy of the domestic softwoods, using Larch and Douglas Fir ensures that long life.

No chemicals have been used to treat this gate. No treatments are required, however if you wish to preserve the colour of the gate then you can treat it with a UV resistant sealant or it can be left to age gracefully, turning to a silver grey colour as the suns rays do their work. 

All of the timber used in manufacturing our gates is home grown or European, planed all round and fixed with quality long life fixings and traditional mortise and tenon joints.

All gates are finally finished with that important UK Timber Ltd seal of approval.

Please note that the image on this page is intended to illustrate the style of the gate only, the image may not provide an accurate representation of the size or bracing of the gate. 

We recommend that you use a minimum of 24 inch/600mm hinge strap for these gates.

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