Heavy Duty English Larch/Douglas Fir Decking Boards 145 x 33mm

Heavy Duty English Larch/Douglas Fir 145mm x 33mm decking boards machined by us on site from tree to its final form.

Size (mm)

English Larch and Douglas Fir are definitively regarded as the most hard wearing of all domestic softwoods - both are beautiful in appearance and incredibly resilient.

The natural durability of the wood, due to its ultra high resin content, is why your decking boards will require no treatment once laid, however most customers choose to apply a coat of Treatex Douglas Fir Protection to preserve the supplied colour a little longer or to add additional weather resistance. Taking good care of wood in exterior applications is of paramount importance as it not only provides protection to your decking but it will also enhance its natural beauty and feel. By protecting it from the elements you'll also be increasing its resistance against rot, decay and insect attack.

The colour of English Larch/Douglas Fir varies from a beautiful deep red to pink to cream and is completely random, it adds serious character to the most adaptable of English softwoods. If left untreated, it will become a beautiful silver/grey colour once weathered.

Our decking boards can be either machined with a bevelled edge non-slip profile or planed smooth for a more contemporary effect.

Available in various lengths.

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