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Boxed Ecofire HotRods Hardwood Briquettes - FREE DELIVERY

Ecofire mechanically pressed briquettes are very dense and highly calorific, every part of the briquette and packaging can be utilised and burned.

  • 6 HotRods per box (approx 10kg)
  • Estimated burning time of 30-40 minutes 
  • Calorific Value: 19.627 MJ/Kg
  • Easy to stack boxes that can be burned alongside the briquettes to start a fire 


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Following on from the success of our 500kg and 900kg builders bags of random length highly calorific hardwood briquettes, in conjunction with Ecofire we are pleased to introduce our new, premium packaged version of the same briquette. Ecofire mechanically pressed briquettes are very dense and highly calorific, every part of the briquette and packaging can be utilised and burned!

They are made almost exclusively from oak with a little larch mixed in to help with the natural binding process - no chemicals or other additives are used in this process, these briquettes really are the most ecologically sound means of heating your home and are completely carbon neutral.

The briquettes are approximately 25-30cm long and 8cm round. You will need to break them however, into smaller pieces as they expand quite a lot when they heat up. The estimated burning time is 30-40 minutes and their calorific value is 19.627 MJ/Kg. There are 6 HotRods per box. 

When burning our briquettes please remember that in order to achieve maximum burn time and effective heat output that they should be left alone once burning, do not poke the fire or burn time will reduce. The briquettes will expand naturally once alight (exposing each piston stroke from the mechanical production process) so it is best to start the fire with a moderate amount of briquettes to allow for expansion then marvel at how such a small amount of this superb briquette can produce so much heat.

You will find that the Ecofire briquettes burn with a hugely pleasant flame to begin with that then changes to a highly efficient and calorific glow phase once the flames have disappeared. If burnt in a stove with properly controlled airflow these briquettes can throw out huge amounts of heat for hours.

Some of the advantages of the 10kg cardboard box packaging over our bulk bag offerings are:

  • Convenient 10kg packaging that eases handling and provides an attractive storage box to stand by the fireplace that presents its eco- friendly credentials to all who see it.
  • Regular length briquettes that can be broken to size as required before use.
  • The box can be burnt or used in conjunction with kindling or small pieces of briquette to start the fire.
  • Easy to stack and store in a dry watertight place such as a garage or outbuilding, the angular box requires far less space than if loose stacked.
  • Ecofire mechanically pressed briquettes are the answer to your carbon-neutral heating conundrum in a rapidly changing and ever more environmentally conscious world.

Our Hotrods briquettes are made within our Corby depot, making them a true UK made product and reduces the transportation carbon footprint that other wood fuels may hold, from the time they are produced all the way to their delivery to your home. The boxes and the pallet that the briquettes are burnable, meaning no unnecessary plastic waste (something that we are very proud of!).

Available in a Single 10kg Box.

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