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Hit and Miss Planed Oak Sleepers

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We are pleased to offer the following hit and miss planed and bevelled oak sleepers.
Please take advantage of this opportunity to buy dry, planed and bevelled sleepers that have failed final quality control due to various defects and only pay the same price as fresh sawn, non planed standard sleepers.
Defects can include without limitation: Open knots, areas on one or two faces where the sleeper is not fully planed, partially missing bevel to one or two edges, historic insect damage, splitting, small amounts of rot etc. It is unlikely that a sleeper will have all defects at the same time and sometimes defects may not be obvious at all.
Please refer to the images. End grain is protected from further splitting by galvanised steel nail plates where necessary and in general these sleepers are perfect landscaping building blocks with at least one or two nice straight edges, they can be put into position with confidence that they will not move or twist due to having been dried before machining. The natural beauty of European oak is only enhanced by the planing process with less likelihood of splinters or severely warped edges.
A lovely cost effective hit and miss planed oak product at a very competitive price.

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