Seasoned Hardwood

Nets of Seasoned Hardwood...

Nets of Seasoned Hardwood Firewood

Price £4.75

Our Nets of Seasoned Hardwood Firewood, also referred to as air-dried logs, are air dried through the summer months to ensure they are ready for immediate use during the cold winter months. Each net consists of primarily oak, making them perfect for immediate use on open fires, wood-burning and multi-fuel stoves, fire-pits and chimineas. FREE DELIVERY*

Nets of Kwik-Lite Hardwood...

Nets of Kwik-Lite Hardwood Firewood

Price £4.75

Our Nets of Kwik-Lite Hardwood Firewood are conveniently packed, stackable nets of semi-air dried logs, that will ignite quickly due to having a lower moisture content compared to that of unseasoned wood. These semi-seasoned logs are ideal for creating a base to your fire due to the layer of embers that will be created from these logs. FREE DELIVERY*